South African car buyers can compare prices and buy cars in one place.
PiceCheck has launched a new car listing platform, featuring a selection of new and used card.
A survey by Munich-based global strategy consulting firm Roland Berger reveals that approximately 10% of new cars are currently sold globally online, with volumes expected to double by 2020. In addition, 97% of 18 to 34 year olds use the Internet to research vehicles.
“PriceCheck’s strength and focus has always been the power and accuracy of our search,” says Kevin Tucker, founder of PriceCheck. “Combining a comprehensive guide with a user-friendly interface means that we can offer a departure from the traditional time-consuming car-finding methods. The process is now easier for people who don’t know much about cars, yet still feature-rich enough to enable car fanatics to find what they’re looking for.
“We are big fans of working with local auto dealerships and companies that understand data. As such, we have found great partners in the motoring industry that can provide us with dealer- and car-specific figures and information,” Tucker adds.
With the new car listing platform, PriceCheck enables potential buyers to explore and compare different car models and prices in a shorter timespan compared to physically travelling from one dealership to the next. If interested in a specific car, they can easily submit a query form to which the dealer will respond or request the number of the dealership offering the car they would like to purchase.
“Consumers are enjoying the freedom of taking their car hunt online and we look forward to offering them the most comprehensive starting point to do so.”