dormakaba South Africa, with its recent acquisition of AWM360 Data Systems, is growing to provide an even more dynamic ecosystem to clients.
AWM360 Data Systems has provided the organisation with the extra local boost it needed to expand its offering and support customers as they move into even more turbulent market conditions.
“Our merged product portfolio delivers precisely the right technology to the modern business that wants to stay abreast of trends and transformation,” says Guenter Nerlich, executive manager: ERP solutions – access and workforce management at dormakaba and MD of AWM360 Data Systems.
“Digitalisation tools such as automation, biometric control and WFM are on hand and easily optimised to enhance enterprise capability and agility.”
No organisation can afford to ignore the necessity for agility, flexibility and customer engagement. Especially not when the noise is deafening and the only way the business can distinguish itself is through its innovative approach to customer and service. Workforce management and enterprise data collection solutions provide organisations with essential tools to drive organisational growth and a clearer understanding of customer needs.
“The experience and products brought to our markets by dormakaba South Africa assure our clients that they are in the right position to take advantage of opportunities and maintain their strategic focus,” concludes Nerlich. “Business development and success are all about being in the right place at the right time, and we’ve got both the solutions and the time to make it happen for our clients.”