Joe Gagnon, vic-president of Aspect, is almost finished a challenge to run a marathon on six continents in six consecutive days. Yesterday, he made his third run, 42,2km around the Serengeti Estate in Centurion.
Gagnon, who was hosted by Ninzi-Connect, addressed school children from Cornwall Hill College on the importance of perseverance.
Gagnon started his journey on 10 April in Sydney Australia, travelling from there to Singapore and then South Africa. Today he is running London, to be followed tomorrow by Sao Paulo and ending in Los Angeles on Saturday (15 April).
The challenge was created in order to raise global awareness for the need for youth empowerment.
Gagnon’s message to youth around the world is to apply techniques for mental toughness, creative problem solving, leadership and personal effectiveness. He aims to establish a connection with students in each of the six locations.
Throughout his more than 30 years in business strategy and technology, Gagnon’s first love and charitable focus has always been on youth. This philanthropy stems from his prior experience as president and chief operating officer of Pennforster, one of the largest online schools in the US servicing 150 000 students.
Ninzi-Connect is a telecommunications and customer engagement solutions company that provides contact centre management solutions, and partners with Aspect.