Rapidly growing Customer Experience (CX) software cloud specialist inQuba has launched a revolutionary engagement product that is changing the way companies interact with their customers. Called inQuba Engage, this solution allows businesses to establish real-time dialogues with their customers building relationships the way people do – using context to make decisions towards an end-goal or objective.
“Today’s customers are demanding more relevant, personal and empathetic engagement from the brands they deal with. A standardised communication broadcast to customers often on more than one occasion is no longer acceptable. In fact, it is a good way to alienate the very people you are trying to build a relationship with,” says Michael Renzon, CEO of inQuba.
“Most companies base their understanding of their customers on segmentation-based classifications, and very few have the ability to effectively move them towards specific goal-driven outcomes. In fact, because most businesses focus on broad demographics, they lack the ability to offer customers truly personalised and effective engagements. This is why we created inQuba Engage.”
He adds that engagement is a key part of overall CX Orchestration. As such, Engage is a key part of inQuba’s CX platform, alongside CX, Case Management and Social Media. inQuba Engage allows companies to talk to each customer as a ‘market of one’. As customers interact with the business through touchpoints, react to communications and discuss the brand online, all information is captured to provide a single view of the customer engagement. This view informs highly personalised and contextual communications, creating true dialogues that have the immediacy and fluidity of a face-to-face conversation between two people.
Renzon explains that inQuba Engage has been designed for self-service ease of use across the organisation. “From basic marketing newsletters to intricate engagement strategies, Engage empowers your customers to talk to you in a multidimensional, omni-channel manner. Non-technical users can build and execute multi-wave, omni-channel engagement strategies, so marketing teams can easily and efficiently build and execute email and SMS communications, for example. Engage also empowers technical users in the execution of engagement strategies using real time transactional data.”
He adds that detailed engagement designs ensure that communications nudge customers towards a business goal. “Individual dialogues are designed and linked through different events and transactional information, such as purchases, contact centre records and web logs, all add to customer context and can be used to trigger communications.”
Essentially, what that means is that inQuba Engage learns more about the customer as they interact with the business, allowing companies to truly get to know their customers, Renzon says. The relationship memory remembers every customer’s context, transactional history and preferences, enabling real-time two-way dialogues through customers’ preferred channels.
“Every individual follows different paths and journeys in reaching a goal, and gaining an understanding of that individual at each step they take is essential. Creating a dialogue with the customer along the way allows for the creation of a single view of engagement across all channels. This, in turn, facilitates a deeper understanding of the customer. The end result is a means through which companies can engineer successful goal-driven engagements, with the customer and the business benefitting equally,” Renzon says.
“In order to establish a relationship of trust in which your customer will pay attention to your communications and engage with your brand, their changing context must be captured and understood, and the many channels available in the market today need to be embraced. Every business needs to provide rich, context appropriate communications which nudge customers towards their objectives. With inQuba Engage, business finally has an avenue through which it can say the right thing, to the right person, at the right time, enhancing the relationship with the customer and dramatically improving the customer experience.”
Engagement is a key part of overall CX Orchestration. As such, inQuba Engage is a key part of inQuba’s CX platform, alongside CX, Case Management and Social Media