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Xperien goes mobile


Local IT asset disposal specialist Xperien has launched Africa’s first mobile hard drive shredder plant, a fully equipped truck that provides state-of-the-art on-site degaussing and destruction. The offering is not only safe and secure, but also fully PoPI compliant.

The truck offers mobile data destruction services that include the physical shredding of 300 hard drives, 500 data tapes, USB sticks and up to 400 mobile phones per hour. The mobile facility also offers the digital shredding of hard drives, solid state drives and data tapes and also the degaussing of HDD and tapes.

Xperien senior business development manager Bridgette Vermaak says data destruction requirements are constantly evolving and service providers need to adapt by investing in versatile equipment. “Xperien has recognised the demand for versatile data destruction and has introduced a new business model, to use shredding trucks for mobile hard drive destruction.

“The main advantage this truck brings to data security is that it eliminates the need to provide a chain of custody for the client’s data because the truck comes to the client’s premises. Hard drive made of aluminium, steel and other metal alloys require huge amount to shred into tiny pieces and would normally happen in industrial factory,” she explains.

Vermaak says mobile shredding trucks are the answer to portability and efficiency in data destruction. “When you choose Xperien’s on-site data destruction, all of the hard drive shredding is performed in our new, independently-powered shred truck on your business’ premises.”

Companies should be extremely cautious when appointing asset disposal service providers. It is important to check for accreditations or even membership to a professional body like International Association of IT Asset Managers (IAITAM).

Xperien is Environmental Management System (EMS) ISO 14001:2004 and ISO9001 accredited for Refurbishment and redistribution of redundant IT assets and equipment.

“Along with an unbeatable level of convenience and security, with our mobile shredding service, you will still receive the same quality assurances you would normally receive from Xperien. In our quest for maximum security, we are able to provide video footage of shredding events and issue certificates for an audit trail,” she concludes.