Service Parts Logistics (SPL), best known for distribution of branded spare parts and upgrades and the exclusive master distributor for ServiceLife accessories, has launched a range of memory and solid state drives.

ServiceLife memory and SSDs come with a lifetime warranty and are positioned as “premium quality” at value price points.

The memory range runs from DDR1 to DDR4, and is all based on original tier-1 Samsung chipsets on ServiceLife branded wafers, so users can expect top quality at a reasonable price point. All memory is what has been marketed as “autoswitching” in that it runs at both low-voltage and regular voltage, and is able to downscale speeds. This lets resellers to minimise the number of SKUs on their shelves while being able to offer premium product as well as lower-end devices too.

A ServiceLife memory enterprise range includes ECC (error correcting cods), as well as RDIMMs (registered or buffered memory).

The SSD range runs from legacy IDE and SATA2 controllers for older machines, to current SATA3 for modern era devices, SAS for enterprise SSD usage, and also includes a mSATA and M.2 SATA offering for small form factors in cutting edge devices with bays to accommodate these.

Sizes available are 60Gb, 120Gb, 240Gb, 480Gb, 960Gb and 2Tb, with a 4Tb option scheduled for release soon.

The ServiceLife Challenger Series SATA III SSD offers excellent sequential read and write ability withrandom IOPS performance. The inclusion of DuraWrite data write technology on the controller extends the life of the flash memory, while the inclusion of AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) provides data confidentiality to ensure the security of data.

Embedded RADIO software allows users to easily set up a disk array features, and achieve higher performance.

The flagship 2Tb 2,5-inch model features:

  • SATA3 6Gbps transfer rates
  • Read speed of 510-540 Mbps
  • Write speed of 470-500 Mbps
  • 4K IOPs of 70000 (1Tb)
  • Average access time of 0,1ms (1Tb)
  • 100 years data retention capability
  • It comes as a high-end MLC NAND with automatic bad block management and hardware BCH ECC capable of correcting errors up to 66-bit per 1kb
  • Lifetime warranty


As a distributor, SPL has taken a relatively open view on “Sell-or-Return”, facilitating resellers, including SMME’s, who are nervous to try new brands, and those who have not historically sold this product set to experiment with ServiceLife – testing the quality, customer uptake, service levels and range.

SPL’s sales team are solely focused on parts and upgrades and work closely with their reseller partners to advise and guide them on exactly which products will be compatible with which devices, and the best (and most economical) solutions to client challenges.

SPL is actively looking for channel sub-distributors to help broaden reach of the product and increase its availability to end-users.

The ServiceLife Accessories range also includes premium compatible networking transceivers (GBICs/SFPs), laptop and printer replacement parts, as well as accessories such as cables, adaptors and HDD enclosures to cheaply convert internal drives into externals.