Mark Davison at Dell EMC World in Las Vegas – In an era of budding entrepreneurs, one of the IT industry’s greatest – Dell Technologies chairman and CEO Michael Dell – has some sage advice for those eager to follow in his footsteps.

At a Press Q&A at Dell EMC World, Dell seemed taken by surprise when asked from the floor what his best advice would be to SMBs and budding entrepreneurs.

“That’s a pretty broad question,” he pondered. “[The problem] is that some people say that technology is not really an IT function anymore, or, just give us some of the tools that we need.”

This scenario can sometimes impact companies involved in IT, especially SMBs.

“Whether you are small or large, you can’t do anything really well without technology – you have to figure out how to leverage these [technology] tools,” Dell says. “Small companies can invent a new business, or re-invent their existing business using technology.

“My best advice is to embrace risk,” he continues. “Risk goes hand-in-hand with innovation and growth.

“My observation is that too many people are afraid to fail and don’t take on risk and, therefore, access less of their potential,” Dell says. “Having said that, there are some bold entrepreneurs out there doing good things.

“I’ve taken some risks along the way and it worked out pretty well for me,” he adds with a smile. “So I’m just going to continue doing what I do.”