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Turn your phone into an authenticator


HID Approve, from HID Global, turns a mobile device into a handheld validation device or “authenticator” that verifies online access and transaction requests, such as digital banking transactions or corporate VPN access.

HID Approve adds a new level of trust for consumers and employees to transact securely.

The HID Approve mobile app combines public key-based cryptography and push technology to create a new experience for customers of banks, retailers and healthcare providers as well as between employees and enterprise or organisations. This allows customers to be more confident and have more control over who is accessing their confidential and proprietary information.

Delivering next-generation, multi-factor authentication capabilities, the new software-based solution from HID Global provides added security that is far more intuitive and user-friendly compared to traditional methods of authentication.  Ultimately, it helps increase cybersecurity for digital business and enterprises while improving customer and employee satisfaction.

“HID Approve will transform secure digital transactions in ways similar to what Uber did for car service and mobile keys did for hotel check-in,” says Brad Jarvis, vice-president and MD: IAM Solutions at HID Global.

“HID Approve significantly simplifies and empowers consumers to better protect their finances, reduce fraud and have peace of mind.”

HID Approve is enabled by HID Global’s ActivID Authentication infrastructure.  Every time a transaction or access is attempted online, the ActivID Authentication system leverages push technology to send a notification to the consumer’s mobile device to ask him/her to approve the transaction or login attempt. The user then swipes right to accept it or left to reject it — exercising simple, purposeful and instantaneous verification.

HID Approve has multiple deployment options:

* Turnkey application that is fully managed by HID Global and easily customizable, so organizations can present their brand without the need to build and maintain a custom app; and

* Software Development Kit to integrate HID Approve capabilities into existing corporate apps.

The company’s new solution includes flexible policy customization, robust security and data analytics.  HID Approve also creates an audit trail for financial institutions and enables organisations to comply with regulations, such as PSD2, among others.  This platform also powers HID’s popular one-time password token portfolio.

The application’s adaptive security approach also creates the ideal balance of security and usability, plus presents a new way of balancing different authentication methods to better meet both business and consumer needs.