Aetas Mobile, a new SIM-only mobile service, has just been launched as part of the Aetas network of brands and is set to redefine the cost of airtime for the South African consumer.
Aetas Mobile sells all the services consumers have come to appreciate from a mobile service operator, but at a significantly lower price point. Not only is the price per minute on airtime and per MB on data extremely competitive, but consumers get back all the money they spend on their airtime and data.
“Aetas Mobile is the South African consumer’s answer to the high costs of data and airtime that they are currently enduring,” says Walter van Zyl, CEO and owner of Aetas Mobile. “When they purchase the Aetas Mobile SIM online from our site [] and join our Shopper Club for R30 per month, all the money they spend on mobile airtime and data is given back to them to spend on more airtime and data, and on items available in the Aetas Mobile store.”
The premise is simple – consumers purchase a SIM and register for the Shopper Club on the Aetas Mobile website. Once they have completed registration, they can then purchase airtime, data or items from the online store. Every purchase comes with the equivalent in Aetas Mobile airtime – a R349 handbag nets the consumer a new handbag plus R349 in airtime or data. R150 spent on airtime or data nets the consumer another R150 to spend on airtime or data again or something from the shop to the same value.
The Aetas Mobile shop includes an impressive array of products. There are accessories, bedding, boutique wines, handbags, hats, kitchenware, menswear, towels and womenswear. Each section carefully cultivated to provide exceptional quality and style, and to allow the consumer plenty of choice when it comes to spending their Aetas Mobile money.
“The offers are all clearly outlined in the shop so users can see the benefits and the discounts they receive,” adds van Zyl. “Thanks to our simple registration process and low R30 per month fee, consumers will experience significant savings every day.”
Aetas Mobile is the perfect antidote to the tanking economy and the price tag attached to most airtime in South Africa. It is easy to use and the internet-savvy consumer won’t take long to enjoy the benefits. It is also available as a reseller agency so any entrepreneurial South African can become a part of this ground-breaking, and much-needed, antidote to the mobile monopoly.
“The product is available as a reseller agency at a cost of only R9,000. We have kept the price low so that normal, hardworking South Africans can become a part of this exciting business opportunity,” concludes van Zyl. “We believe it is not only important to have a sustainable extra business in this economic climate, but that consumers get to feel some of the financial burden lifted too.”