People who read generally earn around 50% more their non-reading counterparts, across the entire spectrum of society.
This is one of the insights from the Establishment Survey conducted by the Publisher Research Council, which also indicates that just one-third of South Africans read.
This percentage grows higher up on the SEM (Socio-Economic Measure) scale and, in the SEM 8-10 segment, the majority read.
Indicative of this is the finding that reach for print media in the form of newspapers and magazines increases significantly from 18% in SEM 1 to nearly 60% in SEM 10.
The numbers show that, while only two in 10 South African households fall within the SEM 8-10 category, they earn six times more than SEM 1-4 – and they have half the money that is available to buy products and services.
While the ES shows that the more one reads the more one earns, the exact opposite is true for radio where higher listernship equates to lower income.
“The simple fact remains, readers are more educated, about 50% better off than no- readers financially, more aware, better informed, early adopters, influencers and business decision makers,” says Peter Langschmidt, consultant to the PRC.