From tiny clam-shell models to larger-than-life phablets, manufacturers have produced devices of every conceivable size in their quest to discover the perfect dimensions for life’s most important accessory.
And, with the G6, LG’s latest flagship smartphone, users get a bigger, more immersive display, without the pocket-busting extra inches. The secret is in the G6’s 5,7-inch QHD FullVision display.
The G6’s seamless new design and refined build has narrowed the bezel and extended the screen into an 80,7% screen-to-body ratio, so there’s more to see and less to hold when you’re enjoying your favourite apps and online content.
Here are some of the ways the G6’s FullVision display elevates your smartphone experience:
* More room to play – FullVision display is the closest a smartphone gets to the desktop gaming experience, allowing users to adjust things like screen resolution, frame refresh rate and battery consumption while enjoying the latest mobile game offerings. Fully supported by Vulkan, and with more room to prevent fingers and thumbs getting in the way, games can be experienced in exactly the way they were meant to be.
* Less scrolling, less squinting – Whether you’re getting comfy with the latest bestseller, working on important documents, or just browsing the web, there’s nothing quite as frustrating as text that doesn’t fit on your screen. With its surprising size, the G6’s FullVision display makes reading a breeze, effortlessly accommodating more text and larger fonts.
* Mobile viewing re-imagined – Video content is taking the world by storm, and chances are that if you aren’t already making use of streaming services like Netflix and Showmax, you surely will be soon. The G6’s QuadHD+ FullVision display, combined with Dolby VisionTM and HDR10, provides a viewing experience like no other, with cinematic picture quality and enhanced colour and contrast.
It’s no exaggeration to say that today, our smartphones are our windows to the world, and LG’s innovative thinking has elevated the G6 into a new generation of smartphone design. With its innovative new display size and aspect ratio, FullVision display is the best way for smartphone users to ensure they are always getting the full picture.