Craig Raw and Jean-Pierre Kloppers, respectively founder and CEO of BrandsEye, were named the overall winner of the 2017 FNB Business Innovation Awards held in partnership with Endeavor South Africa.
“It’s a fantastic feeling, to be chosen as a winner among 12 amazing businesse,” says Raw. BrandsEye has been around for over 10 years, in that time we have done some really great work that has allowed us to continuously improve the technology that we use. Winning this means we get to take a step further in globalising our offering.”
Kloppers adds: “I think what is special about BrandsEye is that we understand what public opinion is, on a very wide scale, we are mining social media for public views that are not available in any other forum. No one else is doing that.”
BrandsEye will be sponsored by FNB to attend the Endeavor International Selection Panel (ISP) to be held in New York this September.
The FNB Business Innovation Awards began in 2015 with a need to recognise and celebrate creativity, outstanding business innovation and those that push beyond the limits to develop scalable businesses that can compete globally.
“The finalists all demonstrate the talent South Africa has in producing high-impact entities that are not only innovative, but have scalable business models that make them globally competitive. South Africa’s best chance at solving the unemployment epidemic is investing in scalable businesses,” says Mike Vacy-Lyle, CEO of FNB Business.
Catherine Townshend, MD of Endeavor South Africa, adds: “The partnership with FNB gives BrandsEye access to the Endeavor ISP, an opportunity to engage with a network of leading international luminaries and high-impact peer groups. Endeavor offers founders entry to international markets and access to networks that can help them scale.”