South African customer experience specialist Argility has revealed its Single Customer View (SCV) product and the significant business benefits it offers.
According to Argility’s CEO, Marko Salic, lessons learned in the retail sector can assist companies in any industry looking to come to grips with multi-channel business.
“Businesses seek one view of customers: data; purchasing patterns; likes; dislikes etc., so they can deliver what the customer is interested in seeing and on their preferred communication platform. Obtaining a single view of the customer has become a business imperative as information is emerging as one of the most valuable corporate assets,” says Salic.
He adds that Argility’s SCV solution provides businesses with the ability to track customers and their communications across every channel as all information is merged into a single golden record.
“The benefits gained from this ability are significant and include: superior service levels; enhanced customer retention; higher conversion rates and ultimately an improved customer experience.”
Salic highlights the internal business benefits of the SCV solution as it leads to better communication between traditionally separate teams and a more cooperative approach to customer service.
“Argility’s SCV also facilitates the usage of the huge amounts of data which is being extracted from various channels and pulls it into one place where it can be used in a meaningful way. It can help businesses to achieve a more insightful view of their customers through the construction of a comprehensive, personalised picture of them and their journey.”
Salic says the challenge of customer data and how to manage it is common to many industries, as it requires amalgamation of information from all channels into a single view. “This is exactly what Argility’s SCV achieves. It offers powerful capabilities to businesses to boost sales, efficiencies and ultimately competitiveness,” concludes Salic.