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Unlimited on-net calls promo from MTN


In a move aimed at offering more value to its customers, MTN postpaid customers can make unlimited MTN-to-MTN calls on a new Unlimited MTN-to-MTN Calls promotion from 1 July to 31 August.
Customers who qualify for this promotion are those on MyMTNChoice 200, MyMTNChoice 350, MyMTNChoice 500, MyMTNChoice 100, MyMTNChoice Talk S, MyMTNChoice Talk M and MyMTNChoice Talk L.
The company says the promotion is not only limited to existing customers. New MTN customers who sign up for a contract (including ports), and customers who perform an upgrade on specific price plans with a device or SIM only tariff plan, will also qualify for Free Unlimited MTN-to-MTN calls.
“We are living in tough economic times, this promotion seeks to offer the best value to our customers to alleviate the financial pressures that they are facing in a sustainable way,” says Mapula Bodibe, executive for consumer business unit at MTN SA.