InfiNet Wireless has introduced the new R5000-Qmxb base station sector to its InfiMAN 2×2 point-to-multipoint family of solutions.
With an integrated beamforming antenna to focus the antenna radiation pattern, the R5000-Qmxb allows for superior interference immunity thanks to its additional gain and the dynamically steerable directional antenna radiation pattern both in downlink and uplink.
“Our beamforming technology enables the end users to achieve sector capacity improvement, and that together with the InfiMAN 2×2 point-to-multipoint family of solutions, the R5000-Qmxb offers high spectral efficiency, exceptional reliability and excellent quality of service,” says Dmitry Okorokov, CEO of InfiNet Wireless.
The R5000-Qmxb is designed for various applications, such as fixed wireless access infrastructure for operators and enterprise networks, including nomadic and mobile functionality, which enables users to substantially increase the overall signal level of each subscriber unit and weaken external interference.
The R500-Qmxb only supports time division multiple access (TDMA) air protocol, which means that switching from an existing network that uses adaptive market access medium independent network transport (MiNT) protocol can be done by a simple software upgrade.
The net throughput of up to 240Mbps allows for dynamic frequency selection, automatic distance learning and channel time adjustment. The high-level quality of service allows for 17 priority queues which aids various management features such as automatic software updates and online monitoring.