Webafrica has launched its new LTE at Home internet access service.
“LTE at Home is all about hassle-free affordable high speed internet. It’s a router and a SIM card. No network cables, no phone lines. We send you a router, you plug it in, insert the SIM card and off you go and enjoy family-sized flying-fast LTE internet at fixed line prices.”
Tim Wyatt-Gunning, CEO of Webafrica, explains: “There is a massive and growing need for fast internet at home to cope with families moving their lives online. We are leading the charge with Fibre, but digging up pavements is a slow job with limited reach so we’ve found an attractive and more available alternative using Rain’s new LTE-A network.
“LTE at Home provides flying-fast internet connectivity at a competitive price. Rain’s network already covers most of the major metropolitan areas and is expanding very fast. Check our website to see whether your home is covered yet.”
Rain (formerly WBS) is rapidly rolling out its LTE-A network with 750 active base stations already covering many high density metropolitan areas and aims to have 10 000 base stations by the end of 2019.
The key benefits for Webafrica customers who sign up or change to the LTE-A offering are:
* Great speeds – users can expect speeds of 20Mbps to 50Mbps.
* A simple installation – just a SIM card in a router so no linking with cables from fixed-line networks, leading to much quicker installation times.
* Pricing – competitive pricing compared with fixed line broadband offerings such as ADSL and fibre.
* It’s month to month, with easy upgrade and downgrade paths.
“We think LTE at Home is going to be huge and offers a compelling hassle-free alternative to fibre or ADSL,” says Wyatt-Gunning. “The most exciting prospect though is that it stands head and shoulders above the various LTE offerings on the existing mobile networks from a combined pricing, speed and quality point of view.”