Kathy Gibson reports from Dell EMC Channel Update in Sandton – Dell EMC’s PowerEdge server has been voted as the top server in the world – but now resellers need to get behind the product to help it make a mark on the local market.

Greg McDonald, from Dell EMC’s server sales team, points out that customers are choosing PowerEdge from Dell EMC.

“But what’s in it for the reseller?” he asks.

* Global server sales are increasing by $14-billion over the next three years and Dell EMC channel revenue share is growing in double digits;

* Resellers can get ahead of the game and prepare for PowerEdge success by taking advantage of our sales and training content;

* They can benefit from compelling pricing and deal registration to help increase margins;

* Partners can increase profitability by adding professional services to all your server opportunities such as consultancy, deployment and support;

* They can offer customers a PowerEdge Solution to meet every core data centre challenge; and

* End-to-end best-in-class innovative solutions means there are no compromises.

The server can be the primary source of competitive advantage for IT, so it’s important that customers select the right server technology.

The Dell EMC PowerEdge is able to run both traditional and emerging workloads, a flexible cost structure, and comprehensive and enduring security.

McDonald explains that the key design points for a modern IT infrastructure include the ability to adapt and scale, automate and protect both customers and the business.

Making sure that the server can adapt and scale, Dell EMC’s PowerEdge offers optimised performance for a multitude of workloads. It offers increased throughput for realtime analytics, optimised software defined storage, and more virtual desktop instances than ever before.

“Add this up and this is how we build a platform that scales for customers,” says McDonald

The automation leg is enabled by OpenManage intelligent automation that resolves issues up to 90% faster, works with next-generation APIs for consistent and extensible management, and reduced server configuration time by up to 99% with zero touch.

“Marry this up, and that’s intelligent automation,” McDonald says.

Being able to offer protected solutions is enabled by integrated security. Every PowerEdge server is designed on a cyber resilient architecture, Dell EMC is a trusted partnered with end-to-end server ecosystems and lifecycle security. It offer secure manageability protections that saves costs and ensures security.

The PowerEdge portfolio includes towers, racks, modular servers and extreme scale infrastructure.

In fact, says McDonald, PowerEdge offers a server for every workload. “There is a solution and product enabled for a specific solution is every segment.”

PowerEdge solutions address customer concerns, says McDonald.

Companies want to increase performance to cater for in-memory database processing, so PowerEdge offers NVDIMM for persistent memory.

Customers are resistant to implementing virtual desktop (VDI), but PowerEdge cuts through the problems by offering multi-vector cooling and graphic processing units (GPUs).

All organisations are keen to continue slashing their opex (operating expenses) costs, so PowerEdge offers open APIs and mobile monitoring.

Security remains as central concern and companies are looking to mitigate the security risk. PowerEdge helps in this regard with systems security lockdown.