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Intact Software Distribution has won the distribution rights to the InfoWatch range of internal and external threat protection solutions, namely InfoWatch Traffic Monitor, InfoWatch Attack Killer and InfoWatch Šppercut.
InfoWatch Group is a top international developer of integrated solutions for enterprise infosec, bringing best-in-class products to protect public and private sector entities against the most urgent internal and external threats. According to Simon Campbell-Young, CEO of Intact, InfoWatch solutions offer protection against a range of issues, including leakage, erasure, or spoiling of confidential data, customer-related and personal data leakage, as well as theft, corruption, and fraud protection.
In addition, he says InfoWatch solutions protect against illegal actions committed by malicious insiders, such as conspiracy, sabotage, contrivance, spying for competitors, corporate resource misuse for personal purposes and similar. “The solutions also offer DDoS protection for business critical infrastructure assets and detection and protection of Web app vulnerabilities exploited to access information systems and run malicious attacks.”
He says the InfoWatch Traffic Monitor DLP (data leak protection) solution helps to uncover malicious activity on the part of employees, such as conspiracy, bidding manipulations, corrupt schemes, and data and money theft. “The product helps to prevent the worst threats, and pinpoints criminals and others involved, collecting all breach stats, which are kept in a single database for further scrutiny.”
InfoWatch Traffic Monitor is an automated enterprise information flow control system designed to detect information leaks and protect against internal threats. The system controls all electronic information exchange channels, recognizes the meaning and content of documents on-the-fly and discovers confidential data and suspicious correspondence in the information flow.
It was designed to protect against malicious insiders, who can cause sensitive or proprietary data to be leaked, resulting in financial losses. “It does this by controlling all electronic information exchange channels, reading the meaning and content of documents on-the-fly, and uncovering any confidential data and anomalous or suspicious correspondence within the flow of information,” Campbell-Young explains.
The external threat protection solution, InfoWatch Attack Killer, guarantees thorough protection against multi-vector targeted attacks and consists of several modules. “The Custom Code Scanner analyses vulnerabilities in Web application code. AntiDDoS detects and guarantees prevention of DDoS attacks of any scale, and WEB Application Firewall prevents hacker attacks on Web apps and detects Web infrastructure vulnerabilities.”
Finally, InfoWatch Appercut is a straightforward solution designed to control the quality of business application software code, root out undocumented features, and verify the compliance with the regulatory requirements to secure development. “The solution enables users to detect developer’s errors or backdoors in a code introduced by attackers in order to steal data or money, crack information systems, or disable infrastructure assets,” Campbell-Young says.
InfoWatch, with its solid expertise and automatic data categorisation technology for financial businesses, public sector organisations, power and energy entities, as well as telecommunications companies and other industries, is the ideal addition to the Intact stable, adds Campbell-Young. “With our focus on security solutions, in-depth expertise, and years of experience, we are perfectly situated to bring InfoWatch to the South African and African markets.”
Andrey Sokurenko, InfoWatch deputy international sales director, says: “South Africa is a country with a developed manufacturing industry, in particular, mining industry, metallurgy, etc. At that, according to InfoWatch Analytical Center expert estimations, yearly industrial and manufacturing companies suffer multimillion losses from external attacks on infrastructure as well as internal insider threats (data leaks, damage and loss, industrial espionage, sabotage etc).
“This damage does not only lead to loss of revenue and increase in the cost of manufactures for customers, but also poses serious risks to manufacturing secrets and damages company reputation.
“InfoWatch is ready to offer local companies its advanced solutions, specially developed for eliminating business risks and preventing internal information security threats. For active market penetration we build a strong team of dedicated partners such as Intact Security, that have showed excellent performance as a very active and effective partner already at the stage of partnership negotiation.”