Openserve has announced a reduction on IP Connect (IPC) pricing and speed as well as price changes to its Openserve Fibre Broadband (OFB) access portfolio, both effective from 1 August 2017.
Alphonzo Samuels, Openserve’s CEO, says: “Openserve has been working to improve the country’s broadband ecosystem, with the objective of continuously reaching more South African’s in more places with our broadband access.
“We are cognisant of the positive effect that accessible broadband services can have on the economy of our country,” he says. “Therefore, as a key infrastructure player, we have made strategic investments in the network to allow us to drive efficiencies and pass those cost benefits on to our clients and their end customers.
“This will stimulate greater competition in the ICT sector while contributing to an overall lower cost to communicate,” Samuels adds.
When pricing is adjusted down next month, the organisation’s wholesale clients will pay 25% less when they purchase IPC capacity. This latest cut on the cost of IPC follows the reductions announced in May this year.
Changes on the fibre broadband access front entail both speed increases and price reductions that will be effected across the OFB portfolio of wholesale offerings.
“Our 2Mbps and 8Mbps offerings will be upgraded to 4Mbps and 10Mbps respectively,” Samuels says. “These migrations will occur free of charge. In addition to the upgrades, the wholesale pricing across entire OFB portfolio will decrease by an average of 9% across the portfolio.
“We will work closely with the resellers of our broadband products to ensure the benefits of these price reductions filter through to the end user with either price reductions or enhanced services.”