Skilled jobseekers in the market for extra work and an opportunity to earn should click through to Abacuz, a virtual tool that keeps service providers and prospective clients connected.
Anyone from tutors, child minders to drivers/ transport managers and sport specialists, house sitters, dog walker – anyone with skills that they can pass on to youngsters, or help parents with a little extra time – can register with Abacuz or visit the business’ Facebook page and use the facility to list their qualifications/ relevant certification, as well as relevant personal information including education and experience.
The platform is also a business development tool that can be used to launch and sustain tutor services.
It also offers mentoring, courses and support, alongside certifications to improve skill sets and rankings.
Service providers can use the portal to allocate bookings, schedule free time, keep track of appointments and manage their profiles – all online.
Those looking to book people can also search for- and connect with registered users that provide reliable and safe transport, extra lessons etc.
“Jobseekers can log in using their Facebook profiles, making it extremely easy for them to check on work from any mobile device,” says Gary Carter, director of Abacuz creator Apostrophe Design.
“Through the Abacuz platform, skilled jobseekers can enjoy flexible working hours and every free hour they have, can be translated into an income. It is an exciting tool that blends the best of breed technology with market requirements.”
It is an ideal platform for anyone hoping to make some extra money. “Anyone from au pairs to tutors or drivers, educators that want to work with us and trial system will get compensated for mock-engagements secured! And employers can pre-select available candidates and contribute to the ecosystem by helping to build a peer review system,” Carter adds.

A hiring tool
The value of Abacuz is that it offers users looking to hire people a direct mechanism through which they can to rate and review candidates, providing a peer review system that inspires trust, and encourages tutors to deliver sterling service.
“You can locate jobseekers closest to your location and view their profiles, certifications and ratings. You can approve a list of candidates for easy scheduling and booking for yourself and for your children. You can track the location of a lift in progress and will be notified on completion of the service. You are responsible for the payment of service providers for yourself and for your children,” says Carter.
Abacuz will also add measurable value to those who home-school their children. It is a stand-by tool that can be easily referenced to source reliable, safe and credible help.