Telkom has almost halved prices for its uncapped fixed-line data plans, and is throwing in free voice call to Telkom subscribers.

Starting at R599.00 per month for 4Mbps uncapped data, the Unlimited Home offering also includes 10Mbps at R799.00, 20Mbps at R999.00, 40Mbps at R1 299.00 and 100Mbps at R1 699.00.

All these packages include free voice calls to both fixed line and mobile Telkom numbers, as well as 1Gb of mobile data.

All existing customers with uncapped packages will be automatically upgraded from the end of August: for instance, 2Mbps customers will now be on 4Mbps and 4Mbps users will be migrated to 10Mbps. Existing users of higher-speed packages will have their subscription rates reduced.

Telkom Consumer CEO Attila Vitai comments that the introduction of the very competitive FreeMe rates for mobile data last year was the first move in significantly reducing data costs.

“ Unlimited Home extends our commitment to affordability to our fixed line customers too,” he says. “We are at the forefront of reducing communication costs and Telkom has taken another big step to making the Internet more accessible.”