Link – powered by Vodacom, now links the Cape Town community directly to the City of Cape Town municipality to easily report service delivery issues.
The Link app provides a platform for the community to report service delivery issues such as blocked drains, burst pipes, electricity outages, missing manhole covers, refuse issues and faulty street signs to name just a few.
Link has a direct API link into the City of Cape Town’s service request centre (C3 notifications) through which reports are generated and provides a reference number that can be matched to the raised concerns.
“We are living in an age where communities are much more actively engaged than before. The Link app provides a foundation for better communication between the public and municipalities,” says Charles Murray, director at Link.
“Citizens often struggle to make their grievances heard when it comes to municipal and community issues or concerns and in fact, often don’t know how to report these. We are providing a platform to make their reporting easier, simultaneously empowering the community.”
Citizens can link to their local ward by navigating to “Messages”, clicking on the “+” icon and selecting “Add Channels”. Tap on the blue Municipal Ward icon, allow the app to geo-locate you and Link to your Ward as displayed.
Vodacom clients won’t pay for, or make use of their data when downloading the app from the Vodacom app store or when using the Municipal Ward feature.
“With Link’s Wards feature, we believe we’re able to improve service delivery by providing an easy and streamlined way to report community areas of concern – anytime, anywhere – and are exceptionally proud to be a partner of choice to deliver on this to the Cape Town community,” says Murray.