Acer and Red Bull have announced a global content partnership to bring together the passion both companies share in the world of gaming and esports.
With a range of creative and engaging campaigns appearing across multiple media types the partnership will aim to boost the profile of both companies in this fast-evolving world. Bespoke content productions, varying from short to long formats, will give esports fans and gamers an insight into the key technologies, events and personalities in modern gaming.
Acer’s Predator line-up of high-performance products are designed with a simple aim – to make gaming experiences the best they can be. The industry-leading portfolio is evidence of state-of-the-art technology, cutting-edge design and relentless pursuit of game-changing product development.
Bringing together Red Bull’s passion and reputation for authentic story-telling and adrenaline fuelled action is a perfect mix of science and emotion to present the Predator portfolio in perfect surroundings.
The content being produced comes in multiple formats. Firstly there will be a mini documentary series that tells true, unaltered and honest stories from personalities in the world of esports. Its aim is to uncover stories that have never been told before with the biggest and brightest stars of esports.
Secondly there will be a web series that explores and reaches different corners of the earth to unravel unique stories from different people in the esports and Games world. The focus is on non-athlete persons that are deeply involved in the scene. Thirdly, a whole host of multi-media digital content will be produced for major international esports events, new game releases, technologies and products.
“Delivering exciting engaging content and connecting with fans through esports is the key to Acer’s strategy to continue to drive preference for its high performance gaming brand Predator. We are thrilled building an even stronger reputation together with Red Bull,” says Hajo Blingen, vice-president: marketing at Acer EMEA. “This partnership will help Acer demonstrate its gaming prowess to gaming and esports enthusiasts around the globe.”
The partnership will illustrate the shared content vision to create emotional and authentic story-telling to engage with the core gaming audience and beyond. This partnership complements to AcerĀ“s cooperation with League of Legends, the world’s largest esports merchandising, and Intel Extreme Masters, the world’s longest-running esports pro tour.