In a newly published study that is the first of its kind, IDC has revealed Internet of Things (IoT) opportunities for service providers of all types across every global region. 

Key findings of the study showed:

* The Americas region represented 52,2% of the worldwide IoT services market opportunity in 2016.

* The EMEA region represented 34,4% of the worldwide IoT services market opportunity in 2016.

* The Asia/Pacific (including Japan) region represented 13,4% of the total IoT services market opportunity in 2016.

* Project-based services represented the highest percentage of market opportunity in 2016, and will gain nearly one point of market share to 56,7% by 2021, approaching $30,8-billion.

* Business consulting represents the fastest growing segment of the project-based services market.

“Service providers have a real opportunity in the IoT services market to show significant value to their customers by helping plan, implement, support, and operate IoT initiatives,” says Rebecca Segal, group vice-president, Worldwide Services. The forecast was co-authored by Segal and Curtis Price, vice-president, Infrastructure Serv ices. The study, Worldwide Internet of Things Services Forecast, 2017-2021 (US41619617), details the 2017-2021 market sizing and growth rates for the worldwide Internet of Things (IoT) services market as well as provides insights for services firms looking to capitalise on this exciting opportunity. The study provides IoT services spending forecasts by region and markets. The three global regions included in the research are: Americas (the United States, Latin America, and Canada), EMEA (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa), and Asia/Pacific (including Japan).