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Gaming is a choice that Dell has supported for a very long time, encapsulated in its award-winning Alienware brand of gaming machines and peripherals, not to mention Dell’s ongoing commitment to e-sports. This was again front-and-centre at the Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas, this January. Throngs of enthusiasts and casual gamers came to see the newest Alienware systems, including the debut of the newDell has added the Alienware Software Command Centre to its Alienware gaming lineup.
The new Alienware Software Command Centre is the place for players of all skill levels, from novice to expert.

It helps gamers optimise and tune PCs and peripherals to their unique gaming needs, centralises gaming libraries in a slick and responsive new menu layout, and brings new levels of customisation to the AlienFX 2.0 lighting system.
“Gamers have long been unshakable supporters of the PC, so it is great to support that dedication,” says Chris Buchanan, Dell client solutions director for Southern Africa. “We have also embraced more casual players, because gaming is for everyone. The new Alienware Software Command Centre proves this: it’s a place for both the hardcore and neophytes to start playing, tweaking and customising without any fuss, fit for every skill level.”

The clean new interface of the command centre is intuitive to use, yet can be customised to a player’s needs, including the new animated background. The centre gives an overview of the Alienware system, including lighting performance and thermal information. It is also the place to customise any Alienware peripherals.

Central to the new change is also a revamped games library. This area now makes it even easier to know what games have been bought and installed. Able to integrate information from both physical- and digital-copy game sources, the games library is the central information source for entire gaming libraries, no matter where they reside.

Launching concurrently with the new command centre is AlienFX 2.0, the second generation of Alienware’s proprietary in-game lighting system that works across Alienware PCs, mice and keyboards. This crowd-pleaser provides even more customisation of individual keys and key groups with over 16,8-million colours in each lighting zone. Yet all of its potential can be easily set through the command centre’s visual menus, needing just a few clicks to really stand apart.

Gamers will also be keen to explore the new performance settings in the Alienware Software Command Centre. This section enables users to manage fans and thermal settings, as well as overclocking profiles in an environment that safeguards against making costly mistakes.

In addition to these industry-defining updates, Dell and Alienware also reinforced their ongoing commitment to e-sports. Dell and Alienware have long invested in the eSports industry: supporting the first Championship Gaming Series in 2007; Team Liquid, Team Dignitas, ELEAGUE and also local team Bravado Gaming. Dell recently worked with Tobii to infuse eye-tracking technologies into eSports tournaments revolutionising the spectator experience.

At CES both unveiled the new Alienware eSports Training Facility for Team Liquid. Setting a new standard for a dedicated eSports training centre, the new 740m² facility in Los Angeles will serve as Team Liquid headquarters. It includes an in-office chef, sports psychologists, nutritionists, dedicated coach and analyst and training spaces– with everything powered by the newest and most powerful Dell and Alienware technology.

Fans will be able to follow the athletes as they train for high stakes competitions, while design teams, video crews and coaching staff make use of monitors, touch screen displays and more to break down the action and create content for fans.