As technology continues to become integrated into every part of our lives through digital transformation, being connected at all times is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.
Technology now makes it possible for travellers to communicate with those close to them through email, texting and instant messaging, or voice calls – whether for personal reasons or for business. It also allows the traveller to access important information throughout their stay at their chosen destination.

Lufthansa and Swiss Airlines ensure that their passengers are connected throughout their travels with their on board mobile SIM card offering.

“In recent years, the rise of the connected traveller has led to a dynamic growth market within the industry,” says Dr. André Schulz, GM of the Lufthansa Group Southern Africa. “The significance of the SIM cards for our clients is that it allows them to communicate easily and effectively from almost anywhere in the world, as soon as they land.”

While the Internet may feel ever-present to most mobile users, for travellers, the costs of making a simple phone call while roaming on foreign networks can be astronomically high. Lufthansa’s global Mobile SIM card makes it less expensive for travellers to stay connected, by enabling low-cost telephone calls and data usage in over 180 countries.

The SIM card is pre-paid, includes an initial credit of 19 Euros and does not require a contract to be signed – making it convenient to stay connected while abroad.

The Swiss Mobile SIM card works with a UK phone number, and allows users to make calls and use the Internet at the lowest roaming charges in over 180 countries. The SIM card is pre-paid with no contract, and allows incoming calls in over 50 countries.

“The Lufthansa and Swiss Mobile SIM cards allow travellers to take full control over their communication costs and risks, while offering a convenient and simple product suited to any kind of traveller,” says Dr. Schulz.