Cisco is converging the Cisco Spark and Webex platforms to create the Webex Meetings application for meetings and a new team collaboration application called Webex Teams.
The company is also adding a new hardware device that turns any workspace with a TV into a Webex room.
Webex Meetings is “video first” and is delivered through the cloud.
Webex Teams is now integrated across the applications, and includes a rich set of tools including whiteboarding, persistent messaging, simple guest access, content sharing and integrated tools.
Webex Share is a low-cost, super-simple way for teams to share content on the big screen in the space, and will be available for Webex Meetings and Teams towards the end of 2018.
Webex Assistant (formerly Cisco Spark Assistant) will soon be available on more devices and with more functionality, adding AI into every meeting, every call, conversation and interaction. Based on technology from Cisco’s MindMeld acquisition, Webex Assistant will start showing up over the next couple of months in all the cloud-connected Webex Room Kit and Room Series devices.
Meanwhile, Cisco cloud-connected and on-premise video devices can now suppress disruptive noises.