8th Man Consulting has opened for business as a business intelligence (BI) and business performance management (BPM) consultancy specialising in financial consolidation applications and ancillary BI/BPM services. 

The company supports a variety of applications through agreements with local distributors in consulting partner agreements. It also provides the market with much needed business intelligence skills, at a time when South Africa is becoming increasingly skill-strapped and seeking IT, compliance and related skills.
“There is on average a shortfall of one in three senior managers in the public sector; in extreme cases this rises to 54%,” says Adrian van der Merwe, MD of 8th Man Consulting.
“In the IT sector, the picture is not much better. Reports show there is a shortage of more than 113 000 skilled people required to help drive economic growth.
“Although it is only a drop in the ocean, 8th Man Consulting strives to keep much needed specialist IT skills, such as those needed for business intelligence and performance management, in the country. It is doing this by creating a successful business that services the BI and BPM market with passion and excellence.”
8th Man Consulting was founded by Van der Merwe to provide extensive implementation and design capabilities to the local and international market. It is particularly equipped to assist organisations in covering generally accepted accounting practices (GAAP) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).
The company’s services include business performance management and business intelligence roadmapping; solution implementation, customisation and optimisation and application management.
“The company offers a particularly strong blend of accounting qualifications and experience, IT knowledge and experience, thereby creating a link between business and IT, much as the eighth man in a rugby team links the backs and the forwards,” Van der Merwe says.
“As a professional, service-oriented organisation, we have access to a global network and foster strong relationships with software vendors.”