High-Performance EDA (VDSL2) has been named as 2006’s best access technology by the International Engineering Consortium (IEC). 

The IEC InfoVision award confirms that Ericsson’s EDA, with more than 100 networks, is the most widely deployed IP-DSLAM solution worldwide.
Earlier in the year Ericsson launched a new out-site plant concept for its High-Performance EDA solution: fibre-deep broadband access over copper, based on the new VDSL2 standard.
This solution represents a 10-fold performance improvement over previous generations of the EDA product family.
Ericsson’s EDA solution supports high-bandwidth applications, with advanced quality-assurance mechanisms for demanding video applications.
The most scalable IP-DSLAM solution on the market, Ericsson’s High-Performance EDA allows operators to develop their businesses beyond basic IP connectivity, ensuring the ability to offer any services to home and work environments in a way that is cost-efficient and future-proof.
Ericsson’s high-performance broadband solutions are designed to help fixed-line operators increase broadband market share through unique multi-service capabilities. These enable competitive rollout of high-speed and high-quality broadband services in both urban and rural areas.