Extreme gaming enthusiasts and power users who are looking for highly-optimised performance and flexibility would do well to consider Gigabyte’s latest offering in its award-winning range of Intel 965 motherboards. 

Distributed locally by Rectron, the GA-965P-DQ6, GA-965P-DS4 and GA-965G-DS4 motherboards are built with ATI Crossfire dual graphics technology support, as well as support for the highly advanced Intel Quad Core processor.
These new motherboards from Gigabyte combine ATI Crossfire support with unmatched multi-GPU support and dual PCI Express connectivity, allowing users to take advantage of the ultra smooth 3D rendering, fast frame rates and the best enhanced visual quality possible with a dual graphics card.
Thanks to the newly-released BIOS updates, the 965P-DQ6, 965P-DS4 and 965G-DS4 motherboards from Gigabyte now enable users to unleash the extreme performance and advanced energy efficiency that Intel Quad Core processors have to offer.
With four combined cores of processing power and two shared L2 caches, Intel Quad Core processors boast significant performance boosts for intensive multi-tasking environments and provide a solution for gaming and multimedia applications including video editing and 3D animation and design.
The 965P-DQ6, 965P-DS4 and 965G-DS4 motherboards also come equipped with a host of unusual features. Silent Pipe Cooling Technology, which circulates a liquid/gas solution to cool the motherboard, and All Solid Capacitors both ensure extended stability and durability, not to mention unmatched overclocking capabilities that continue to shatter performance boundaries.