It can be difficult for call centre agents to assist clients when they don't understand the language being used for communication. To address this issue, The Pan South African Language Board in association with ForgeAhead’s African ICT Achiever for top ICT Businessman in Africa, Thabo Olivier, established a language tool for contact centres. 

Agents will soon be able to communicate with callers in their native tongue, thanks to this tool, which allows the agent to be multi-lingual through the constant use of other languages.
Currently, the tool is available in the 11 South African official languages and will later be produced in Portuguese and other indigenous African languages.
“The tool will be helpful, especially for the 2010 World Cup when more languages will be available for visiting nations. It is simple to install on a computer and on to mobile phones that have GPRS,” says Thabo Olivier, developer of the program.
“I saw how lucky I was to be able to communicate in different languages with different people and I wanted to give other people that opportunity. I believe that one gains respect by giving respect and language is the easiest way to do that,” he says.
The tool is available in two modules that teaches users to communicate effectively in the languages provided.
“A ‘words’ module allows you type in words in any of the languages registered and display it together with the translation in the other languages. There are more than 3 000 basic words in the module,” Olivier explains.
“The other option is the ‘sentence’ module, which allows you to create your own sentences. With this module you will be able to build your own dialogue.”
There is also an audio component for pronunciation of the words and sentences, provided that the device in use has a sound card and speakers.