Logitech has launched that X-540 speaker system, an affordable surround-sound system designed for gamers, which solves two distinct problems. 

The X-540 system enables people to enjoy the experience of surround sound even with two-channel audio sources, by including matrix surround-sound technology. And for those playing games using a flat-panel display with no convenient place to set a centre-channel speaker, Logitech’s patent-pending integrated centre-channel clip gracefully and securely attaches the speaker atop the monitor, saving desk space.
“Over the past five years, Logitech has achieved market leadership in the multimedia speaker category with our bestselling X-series speaker line, by delivering great performance, style and value,” says Robert van de Vegte, GM of Logitech in South Africa.
“The X-540 system leaps beyond that to provide more pragmatic innovation, offering matrix technology and the innovative centre-channel clip. It is sure to be a hit with gamers, and our customers can rest assured that, for baseline audio performance, this system outclasses the competition in its price range.”
Audio sources – including many games and nearly all digital music – are coded only for stereo sound, limiting the purpose of having a 5.1 system.
The Logitech X-540 speakers, the company’s first to offer matrix surround-sound technology at a price under R1 200, split an audio signal to create five channels of sound from common two-channel stereo sources – and without distorting the audio quality.
For convenience, the matrix button is located on the control centre, along with the power button, volume controls and a headphone jack.
Many gamers today are using flat-panel displays – however, unlike traditional CRT monitors, these displays don’t offer a flat place on top for a centre channel speaker to rest.
Logitech solves this with its patent-pending centre-channel clip, another company first. The clip securely fastens the centre speaker to the back of the display’s top edge.
For gamers who still prefer CRT monitors, the centre-channel clip also acts as a speaker stand that can sit atop the monitor or in front, on the desk.
With a dedicated centre channel and acoustically matched front and rear satellites, the Logitech X-540 system produces balanced surround sound. The X-540 speakers use Logitech’s Frequency Directed Dual Driver technology.