Following a year of on-site testing of systems and networks at the JSE, MTN Network Solutions (NS)has won a contract to provide the JSE with a complete networking solution for an initial three-year period.

“The JSE’s tender, published in September 2005, requested proposals for the full scope of all wide area networking requirements for the JSE.  MTN NS requested to institute a pilot installation to multicast over MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching), a network which offers the client end-to-end converged solutions in the dynamic corporate environment,” says Mike Brierley, Managing Director of MTN NS.
“MTN NS’s pilot project was highly effective and resulted in the tender contract being awarded to us.  The signing of the agreement is the culmination of a year of testing and hours of hard work from the highly dedicated and professional teams at MTN NS and the JSE, with whom a great working relationship has developed.”
According to Leanne Parsons, JSE Chief Operating Officer, “As a result of technology improvements and new systems being delivered through project Orion (the JSE’s massive IT systems transformation), the wide area network (WAN) requirements for the exchange and its customers has increased.  The networking solution provided by MTN NS is part of the JSE’s commitment to managing the costs, on behalf of our stakeholders, incurred from Orion’s increased functionality and efficiency capability.
”This contract forms part of our recognition that we need to continually innovate and provide new services to our clients in order to remain world-class.  We are certain that MTN NS will become an essential partner in the JSE’s broader effort to strengthen our role as a competitive force in the global financial marketplace.”
The MTN NS contract covers three initial phases: complete internet access to the JSE; the international connection between the JSE and the London Stock Exchange, which is the critical link to ensuring the running of the business at the JSE on a daily basis; and the supply of a managed data network service to ensure connectivity between the JSE and its members, the broker community.
The link to the JSE test environment is up and running with product testing currently underway. The other phases will start be implementation during the first quarter of 2007.  The third phase entails joint communication with JSE members, who will benefit from direct access to the JSE via the MTN MPLS network.  Through this network, JSE members will also have access to other MTN products developed specifically for the corporate environment.