New distributor, Compliant IT, is set to shake up the software distribution market with a return to classic values and business practices.

MD Richard Kolodynski and business development director Brian Little are no strangers to the IT distribution game and believe they have hit on a strategy that will add the most value for all players, including vendors, distributors, resellers and end users.
“Our company philosophy is encompassed in what we call the three-Ms,” says Kolodynski. “These are margin, marketing and management – the pillars of a classic value-added distributor (VAD).”
Margins need to be sustainable, he says, and allow resellers to invest in things like service and skills. Margin creates value for the reseller.
Marketing creates value for the vendor and the reseller by ensuring there is appropriate lead generation and pull-through demand.
In terms of management, Kolodynski says the company is committed to aggressively growing the market and the business.
Initially, Compliant IT will distribute five software products:
iNode: a product family encompassing a truly all-in-one network environment and infrastructure solution. iNode provides connectivity and communication facilities such as routing, DHCP, mail, fax and file serving, anti-virus, proxy, VPN and firewall with bandwidth-shaping ability and protection.
Guardian Edge: supports always-on, transparent security, using a multi-layered approach. It secures all forms of data resident on hard drives and handheld devices, independent of the method of stat transfer or synchronisation.
Express Matrix: combines PC audit capabilities with software usage metering and control to give organisations a complete picture of their IT assets and licence compliance, including pre-defined reports.
Swift Computing: Query Builder is an easy-to-use Web-based query, reporting and enquiry tool that provides effective means to deliver the right information at the right time without the need for any outside consultancy.
NetClarity: a turnkey vulnerability management, regulatory compliance and end-to-end point security auditor with built-in NAC. It picks up where firewall, anti-virus, intrusion detection and intrusion prevention leave off.
With the company completely geared towards creating value for its vendors and resellers, Compliant IT operates out of modest offices.
In addition, it maintains a small – but highly-skilled – workforce.
“We are investing our money into developing the market and creating opportunities,” says Kolodynski. “Our costs are not geared to anything other than value creation.”
Compliant IT is in the process of building up its reseller base and makes a number of guarantees to its partners.
“We guarantee never to sell to the end user,” says Kolodynski. “We will market to the end user and create awareness, but we’ll never sell to him direct.
“In addition, we guarantee to always act in an ethical and honourable way; and we guarantee that we will say what we do and do what we say.
“This is a very real philosophy and not just words. We actually almost lost our very first order because the client wanted to buy direct and we refused.”