Telecommunications service provider Orion Telecom has developed a telephone management system that enables organisations of all sizes to monitor their telephone calls, while identifying non work-related calls. 

Orion Call Manager provides a comprehensive variety of data for telephone management purposes, including cost reports and details of all calls.
“A call management system enables companies to keep an eye on calls of a personal nature and to cut down on telephone abuse,” says Kim Seed, product manager at Orion Telecom.
“The lack of an effective telephone management system can cause a reduction in productivity and profit margins can be reduced through improper tracking of costs associated with telephone usage. Companies often absorb such charges, when in fact they could be billed to employees or clients if they were effectively tracked.
“With Orion Call Manager, call restrictions can be tailored to the client’s exact specification to ensure complete control and eliminate abuse of the telephone system. It’s a powerful reporting tool that helps control and manages telephone call activities from the PABX.”
The telephone management system records call details and costs them according to variable setup options. Control over extensions and pin or account codes are possible with multiple access levels. Comprehensive call accounting reports provide details for cost centres or department telephone billing. The system also assists in measuring the effectiveness of least cost routing.
“Orion Telecom can develop a telephone management policy that has to be adhered to and signed by each employee,” Seed says. “A properly-implemented policy, used in conjunction with a telephone management system, can result in savings of up to 35%.”
Not only does the system manage a company’s telephone expenditure, but it also serves as a device to eliminate fraud, and can be used as a billing engine to charge clients for calls made on their behalf.
Seed says the system is cost-effective because no capital expenditure is required by companies who choose to implement it, nor are there reporting fees, licensing fees or upgrade and tariff fees.