Ramrod, a Johannesburg-based importer and wholesaler of more than 2 500 outdoor and camping-related products, uses SAP Business One to make its operations more accurate and efficient. 

The 19-year old company moved to SAP Business One from a DOS-based accounting system in a quest for integrated information delivered in realtime.
“Our previous system wasn’t live so getting all our information from different sources into the general ledger on a monthly basis used to be a time-consuming process,” says Ramrod financial manager, Natalie Ralphs.
“Now, with SAP Business One, we have all our information at our fingertips all the time – and it’s much more meaningful in terms of running the business effectively.”
Initially looking to upgrade their accounting system and not thinking in terms of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, Ramrod was nonetheless impressed by a demonstration of SAP Business One’s reporting capabilities.
 “Obviously, we needed the core accounting modules, but you can get that from most business solutions,” says Ralphs. “What attracted us, as a sales-driven company, was SAP Business One’s intuitive understanding of distribution processes. We felt as if it understood our business.”
Rigby Stott, director of Ramrods’ implementation partner KSO Business Information Systems, says that very little customisation of the vanilla version of the solution was needed to meet Ramrod’s requirements.
“Because SAP Business One is so strong in a distribution environment and also offers broad functionality, we were able to implement 95% of its functionality across the organisation – replacing a number of loosely integrated legacy systems with a fully integrated realtime environment.
“Where adjustments were necessary to accommodate Ramrod’s particular business model, especially on the landed costing side, SAP Business One’s superior flexibility enabled us to make changes without altering either the product or Ramrod’s business processes.”
The implementation fell within the standard SAP Business One three-month period.
“Because we were moving from such a different platform, we expected the transition to SAP Business One to be both long and difficult,” says Ralphs. “ But KSO did all their homework up front, so everything has gone very smoothly.”
Stott adds: “SAP has done a great job with this product. I’ve spent six years working with other products for small and medium businesses and this is one of the smoothest implementations I’ve managed.
“It also helps enormously to have a committed, enthusiastic customer who is willing to spend time working out the specifications and scope of the solution with you.”