Digital media is becoming the format of choice for users actively consuming music, video and static content such as photographs. Although this new model of media distribution and storage presents a strong value proposition because of its a increased simplicity, reduced cost and portable nature, the major stumbling block to its mass uptake has up until now been the level of complexity associated with it

Mark Campbell, MD of Storgate Africa, says that although most of today’s computer users are familiar with the concepts of digital audio (MP3), video and photography, they believe that these forms of media are confined to the PC world.
“Connecting a conventional PC to a home theatre system can be a complex, expensive and rather problematic experience, generally reserved for the more advanced users. But this complexity needn’t exist anymore,” he says.
Storgate has launched Tvisto, a self-contained multimedia centre that allows users to not only store, but view their digital videos, listen to their digital audio content and view their digital photographs on a conventional television.
“Tvisto is a massive leap in terms of simplicity and bridging the gap between the digital media market and novice users,” he adds. “It is the perfect solution for the average user who cannot be bothered with enduring the complexity of connecting their PC to their home theatre system.
“You simply copy your favourite media to the Tvisto, as you would if you had an external USB hard disk,” Campbell explains. “You then connect it to your television using the S-Video, Component or SCART connections (to name three of the six interfaces provided), turn it on with the bundled remote control and within seconds you are enjoying your media from the comfort of your lounge,” he explains.
The Tvisto outputs high definition video including 480p, 720p and 1080i formats for the best possible video quality.
Campbell says that the remote control is simple to understand and anyone familiar with their television and video remote controls will master it in minutes.
“Apart from the remote, the emphasis on simplicity is so strong with Tvisto that there’s no new operating system or interface for users to get accustomed to. Using the simple, tree-like interface bundled with Tvisto, users simply select from videos, music or pictures and navigate to their choice of content.
“When the title of the content is highlighted, it plays,” he adds. “Nothing could be simpler.”