Everyday company E-mail is a neglected source of business intelligence – but, with minimal effort, it can become a valuable sales and marketing resource. 

“85% of all company communication is E-mail,” says Mark Williams, MD of Rocketseed. “Yet it’s historically been seen as something that belongs to IT rather than marketing.
“Using intelligent E-mail gives marketers much greater control over the branding of all the company’s messages, as well as a new and dynamic information source.”
An intelligent E-mail system like Rocketseed inserts marketing messages at the server level, including banners, signatures and disclaimers, removing the need for each user to have branded stationery.
“At the most basic level it’s about using everyday E-mail to build brand integrity,” says Williams. “But the greatest value lies in the information you can extract from the system.”
For example, says Williams, outgoing E-mail from the sales team can automatically be augmented with information about special offers or discounts, with different target groups seeing different messages.
Sales people can then easily track which users clicked on which messages, for a rich source of new leads and cross-selling opportunities.
Williams says some customers have also used the service to gather customer feedback.
“One of our bright clients headed all E-mail from members of its support team with a banner asking people to rate the service they’d received,” he says.
“All it asked for was a very simple one-click response from their customers. They had a good response, and they were able to see in detail if employees were doing a good job or they needed further training.”
The ability to target messages according to both sender and recipient also makes it a valuable compliance tool, says Williams.
“If you have offices in different countries, you have to deal with different legal requirements about what you put in disclaimers and signatures,” he says.
“Even within a country, you might need to tailor disclaimers according to which employee or which department they come from. The only really manageable way to do that is at the server level.
“The beauty of a system like this is that it gives marketers completely flexible control over what goes at the head of your company E-mail.”