With preparations for the soccer World Cup in 2010 due to get underway in earnest this year, broadcasters and production houses are being urged to go with proven solutions. 

Andrew Cole, systems sales manager at Concilium Technologies which is the local reseller for Harris Broadcast Communications Division, says contractors should look at previous international broadcast successes when preparing for 2010.
“With the large scale of the World Cup, it is critical to use tried-and-tested products that stand up to the rigorous demands required,” Cole says.
Harris equipment was used for the World Cup in Germany, he adds, with more than six million Euros being spent on new product equipment alone for this event. Technical Operation Centres were designed and built for each of the stadium venues where the matches are played.
“Harris’ standard and high-definition products use the latest in large scale integration technology to bring stunning footage,” explains Cole.
Harris routers, infrastructure and test and measurement equipment have met broadcasters’ stringent demands in a variety of other major sporting applications in the past, including the recent Winter Olympic Games in Turin.
Harris’ 6800+ and NEO modular platforms provide comprehensive product choice for both core processing and advanced applications, allowing flexible system designs that reduce both upfront capital and ongoing operational costs.
Both platforms support networked integrated control and monitoring and are SNMP-friendly for easy integration within larger facility supervision infrastructures.
Providing user-configured control at the centre of an operation, Nucleus offers realtime control and monitoring of any Leitch CCS Protocol-enabled device, including products within the NEO and 6800+ platforms.
Nucleus provides more knobs for parameter adjustments, more buttons to quickly invoke parameter value changes and an enhanced display to improve overall operation.
Another of the Harris products is the battery-powered Videotek PTM-305 personal test and measurement device which is ideal for monitoring field production camera setup or equipment installation, and for troubleshooting signal path issues related to analogue and standard-definition digital formats.
Its features include a video test signal generator, colour monitor, waveform/vector scope and an audio analyser/monitor. The user-friendly, intuitive, menu-driven interface is navigated easily on they high-resolution, touch-screen display.