Recognising that service delivery is critical to ensure the wellbeing of citizens, elements of the provincial government are in the process of establishing business continuity measures which will introduce resilience to key business processes. 

According to Shaun Nel, senior manager: Information Systems Assurance and Advisory Services at Ernst & Young, governments that are adopting a customer-centric view of the citizen are focusing on ensuring more effective service delivery.
More importantly, notes Nel, recognising that failure to maintain consistent service delivery even in the face of unpredictable circumstances can result in social turmoil, the thirteen departments within the Gauteng province are in the process of identifying critical business processes with the purpose of creating more resilient systems for service delivery – even in the event of the unexpected.
He makes the point that business continuity is an exercise that demands an intimate understanding of business processes and the identification of those that are critical to organisational survival.
“These core processes are singled out and measures introduced to ensure that they can continue to run even in the event of the unanticipated,” he says.