Realtime incident management is vital in controlling all the variables in the casino world, from packs of cards and working hours to winnings. 

Using technology can help to manage all these different elements, as the Caledon Casino near Cape Town has shown.
The establishment can now get a realtime snapshot of every process within the day-to-day workings of the casino, assisting it in identifying problem areas in terms of the gaming floor and customer satisfaction, thanks to Global Vision’s Integrated Casino Operating System (ICOS).
The software helps the casino’s surveillance manager spot patterns, for example bad service levels on a particular slot machine. It also provides for tighter control of gaming staff by allowing management to view procedural breaches.
Information on the nature and number of prior offences is immediately visible and fed into the HR application, making the staff appraisal system much easier than before.
“ICOS has proven to be an excellent management tool for us,” says Russell Clark, surveillance manager of the Caledon Casino. “We’re able to see trends at the touch of a key rather than relying on paper-based reports and archives. This assists us with faster decision-making.”
ICOS was developed in conjunction with the Western Cape Gaming Board to enable it to better protect the consumer by having instant access to casino occurrence information.
The Caledon Casino began with the first version of ICOS two years ago. On completion of phase one, additional uses became apparent and the casino and Global Vision immediately started work on phase two, the stock control system. This enables staff to keep track of cards as they travel in transit from the tables, to surveillance and back to the stock room.
“There are plans to enhance the system even further by integrating it into our internal systems such as HR and finance,” adds Clark.
Graeme Powell, technical director of ICOS at Global Vision, says: “Casinos have numerous incidents which need to be reported and tracked on a daily basis and ICOS ensures tighter control of all procedures.
“In addition, it provides for greater accountability across all levels of staff by facilitating the flow of information.”
Other reporting requirements include the Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FICA) which demands ongoing feedback from the casinos regarding transactions over a certain threshold, which ICOS is able to provide in a matter of seconds.