Compuware Covisint has leveraged its existing infrastructure to provide a collaborative exchange that enables the access to and improved visibility of critical healthcare information, resulting in reduced costs and an increase in the quality of care. 

Multiple studies show that roughly one-third of the approximately $2-trillion (about R14-trillion) spent annually on healthcare in the US is redundant or inappropriate.
“The healthcare landscape is changing dramatically, and IT is driving much of that change,” says Newt Gingrich, former speaker of the House and founder of the Center for Health Transformation in the US.
“More must be done, and the Center for Health Transformation is proud to be working with leaders like Compuware Covisint, who are driving innovations that modernise, connect and improve healthcare organisations so they can deliver better care for all Americans.”
Covisint seeks to bring disparate healthcare entities together, regardless of their size, geography or technical sophistication. This exchange will simplify the secure sharing of sensitive healthcare information between key healthcare stakeholders, including state and federal programs, employers, payers, providers, physicians, patients and emerging healthcare information networks.
“Covisint has enabled us to dramatically improve the way our members do business,” says Bill Pully, president of the North Carolina Hospital Association.
“Covisint securely connects our hospital and affiliate members, enabling realtime collaboration, automation and the visibility to ensure the best outcomes for clinicians and patients. Just as important, since this is a hosted solution, we were able to use our existing systems, keeping costs low, and yet immediately gain from an integrated and secure framework.”
Covisint could mitigate the cost of entry and accelerate the time-to-value for key healthcare initiatives with this hosted service. Customers have improved revenue cycle management, reduced and eliminated redundancies and improved the quality of healthcare by facilitating the access to and retrieval of both critical administrative and clinical information.
“For nearly six years, Covisint has brought organisations together to securely collaborate; we’ve proven our success on a global scale with more than 260 000 users from 30 000 organisations and over 2,6-million federated logins per month,” says Bob Paul, president and COO of Compuware Covisint.
“Healthcare is now acutely in need of our core competency, and Covisint is well-positioned to help healthcare professionals and organisations collaborate.”
Covisint connects more than 8 000 healthcare users, representing 420 healthcare organisations, with its hosted healthcare solution providing secure, reliable and realtime access to healthcare information.
It provides a collaborative healthcare framework, physician portals, messaging, unstructured-data management and security services. Combined, these capabilities will help healthcare entities – regardless of size, location or technical sophistication – collaborate and communicate effectively.