HP has announced its first dedicated storage blade, which provides customers with quick and efficient storage expansion to enable greater flexibility within IT infrastructures. 

The company also introduced two offerings within the HP StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA) family to accelerate backup and recovery, reduce costs and make storage area networks (SANs) simpler to manage.
The HP StorageWorks SB40c storage blade can add up to 876 gigabytes of direct attached storage capacity to each blade within an HP BladeSystem c-Class enclosure and is another step in HP’s strategy to “blade everything” in the data centre.
Based on industry-standard components, including small-form factor Serial Attached SCSI drives, the SB40c ‘s density and power efficiency accommodate the space and power constraints of data centres.
In addition, the storage blade offers simplified and automated storage and server management via HP Systems Insight Manager and Integrated Lights-Out tools.
The processing power of BladeSystem c-Class server blades, combined with the SB40c, provides the performance and capacity needed for demanding applications such as file and print, mail and messaging, video streaming, databases and distributed file systems.
“HP’s continued innovation and investment in its StorageWorks portfolio are providing customers with greater choice and more affordable options to meet their storage needs,” says Yesh Surjoodeen, business development manager: StorageWorks Division at HP.
“New offerings like the SB40c are helping HP lead the way for customers that want to simplify their IT infrastructures.”
The HP StorageWorks VLS300 EVA Gateway changes the game of virtual tape by scaling beyond 500Tb of capacity and providing throughput in excess of 8Tb per hour, dramatically accelerating SAN backup and recovery in even the largest IT environments.
Leveraging the power and simplicity of the HP StorageWorks EVA Disk Array, the VLS300 EVA Gateway allows customers to standardise on a common storage, management and fabric infrastructure.
Emulating up to 1 024 tape drives and 128 libraries, customers can seamlessly integrate disk into their existing enterprise data protection processes, reduce complexity and improve performance by more than five times.
The VLS300 EVA Gateway joins a growing family of EVA-based storage solutions such as the HP StorageWorks EVA iSCSI Connectivity Option, the HP StorageWorks EFS Clustered NAS Gateway, and the HP StorageWorks EML E-Series Tape Libraries.
The HP StorageWorks EVA4000 SAN Starter Kit delivers a robust, cost-effective, easy-to-use SAN storage solution for small and medium businesses.
Based on EVA, this starter kit is a complete out-of-the box solution for customers who are ready for a SAN but had been concerned about SAN complexities.