BMI-TechKnowledge has announced the publication of its latest report entitled the South African Telecoms Business Customer Analysis (Corporate and SME). 

The report identifies the telecommunications trends and spending among the local top corporate and SME businesses, with emphasis on business solutions, emerging technologies, current trends, and telecommunications spend within this sector.
Tertia Smit, Senior Telecoms Analyst at BM-T and author of the report, says that although least cost routing was the most strategically important technology for the corporate sector, Voice over IP (VoIP) followed and then mobile data using a laptop or notebook PC.
In the case of VoIP, the relative degree of perceived strategic importance of it was 63% in the Medium corporate group versus 68% in the Large corporate group. This response rate has for the first time almost caught up with a related prompted category, namely least cost routing (LCR) – 64% and 74% respectively.
The report has also uncovered the fact that VoIP was important in all the vertical industry groups in the corporate sector, especially retail and wholesale trade, with 75% labelling it as strategic.
VoIP was given as the single most important emerging technology by almost half of the respondents. After VoIP, Wireless LANs and Mobile Data were second and third respectively.
Respondents were prompted about future adoption plans in the next 12 months of various types of generic IP-based applications. VoIP received the highest response rate in both the Medium and Large corporate segments, followed by new IP-based Data applications.
Smit concludes: “The primary business objective to selecting VoIP was to save on costs and this demonstrates the continued awareness of customers that prices could come down from their current levels and an ongoing high level of priority attached to cost cutting.”