The more local consumers receive by way of mobile and wireless product, the more they want. 

Jason Gibb, Fujitsu Siemens Computers product manager at Annex Distribution, believes the arrival of a comprehensive all-in-one product that fulfils all mobile business and personal requirements is imminent.
“Mobile technology gives users the edge – in business and in life,” says Gibb. “The demand for more compact, affordable and good looking product is gaining momentum and will ensure that vendors continue to review and constantly adapt their digital lifestyle offerings and strategy to market.
“It won’t be long before we use one product to make calls, send and receive E-mail, connect to GPS, shop, watch DVDs and fax a client while activating the home security system before rushing to make a dinner reservation booked online.”
According to Gibb, the market is self-sustaining in many respects and this has also played a role in ensuring levels of supply and demand.
“The more product that is introduced for this market, the higher the demand. As long as there is a need, vendors will continue to contribute towards this space.
“There is every reason to believe innovation will continue as more resources, manpower and skills are applied. This gives rise to several exciting developments such as voice over IP via integrated UMTS HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access) that allows for download speeds of over 1000kbps, for example,” he says.
Emerging trends continue to attract the attention of decision makers, who view a fully geared mobile professional as a corporate asset.
“There is no doubt that the mobile professional adds value to the workplace. In the case of a salesperson, for instance, acquiring mobile technology means that the individual saves time and money by being able to secure an order, process that order, generate reports and information on the spot.
“The investment is paid off quickly – an aspect that becomes important when one considers the lifecycle and replacement of technology. This is especially relevant to those operating within the small-to-medium segment.
“This is just one small example of how technology has advanced and how people’s appreciation and understanding of benefits has improved.”
Gibb points to an increase in popularity around tablet PC infrastructure as evidence to support his claim.
“The tablet PC demonstrates what can be achieved with the convergence of traditional means of text application and innovation. The flexibility and functionality of the product offers users convenience, ease-of-use and practicality, typical characteristics of today’s mobile technology,” he says.