Fujitsu Siemens Computers has announced a new version of its NetWorker Backup Suite. Version 7.3 features the NetWorker module Plus for Oracle, which uses schedules to allow completely automated database backup and restore. 

With the extension for NAS devices – the NetWorker module Plus for Oracle for NDMP (Network Data Management Protocol) – this solution is the only database backup software currently on the market that can integrate snapshots entirely into the backup concept, which reduces online backups to a matter of seconds, considerably accelerates restore processes, and relieves the database servers of backup tasks.
Enterprises benefit from continuous data protection and increased efficiency in backup and restore processes.
With the NetWorker module Plus for Oracle for NDMP, customers will discover the ideal tool for virtually continuous data protection for Oracle databases, the company states.
Since the module is able to deliver a large number of point-in-time copies (snapshots) at short intervals, it enables the rapid restore of different earlier data versions, as necessary.
The snapshots can also be used as a medium for data backup or for optimised data storage on tape. The backup processes are managed directly from the NetWorker user interface.
Other modules in the NetWorker Backup Suite include the FireWall eXtension and the SAN Registration Service (SRS).
The Fujitsu Siemens Computers FireWall eXtension is the only single-port solution currently available on the market. This module makes it possible to use just a single port in a firewall for all communication between the NetWorker components (servers, clients or storage nodes).
In contrast, the SAN Registration Service provides for the necessary synchronisation when drives in a storage area network are connected dynamically to the servers. As a result, the existing storage system capacity can be better exploited and ROI is dramatically improved.
Along with the additional modules developed by Fujitsu Siemens Computers for the EMC Networker, the new version of the suite offers a uniform graphical Web interface based on the NetWorker Management console for all platforms, making servers and any devices connected easier to manage and monitor.
The new integrated reporting function also enables a basic analysis of the backup processes. The EMC Backup Advisor (EBA), which collects information from the entire backup infrastructure and provides it for evaluations, error analysis and proactive process planning, can be used for more extensive investigations. Version 7.3 also boasts improved authentication mechanisms and 256-bit data encryption.