Softline VIP, a developer, implementer and support provider of payroll and human resource management software, has acquired InfoSlips technology in a move to provide its clients with electronic total compensation statements. 

Anton van Heerden, MD of Softline VIP, says the company is embracing this new ‘payslip’ concept, believing that software as a service and electronic communication is the way forward for payroll and HR service providers.
“The increasing use of technology can help improve communications with employees, but can also assist in transactional HR and payroll functions,” he says.
“We believe that an InfoSlip will offer our customers several advantages. These not only include better data quality, but an overall improvement in communication across the company and within an HR or payroll department.”
Ivan Epstein, CEO of Softline, says that the acquisition strengthens Softline VIP’s position in the market. He also endorses the acquisition of the technology and says that one of the key benefits of software as a service is the fact that it is based on service and not technology.
An InfoSlip is an interactive document that replaces a paper document. Offering the versatility of a Web page, InfoSlip’s integrate data from diverse sources into an easy-to-read and safe and interactive package.
Instead of printing a payslip, now known as a total compensation statement, an extract from the VIP system is used to create a tamper-proof InfoSlip. These are stored in a secure archive and then E-mailed to the recipient.
Van Heerden says that by offering employees a payslip as an InfoSlip, companies can show the employee’s total worth to the company. This means you not only display the relevant payroll information to each person, but also integrate data from the HR database, the medical aid database, each person’s pension or provident benefit statement, or share statement and personal details from almost any source they choose – even offering financial advice.
“The employee can simply click on their pension contribution to view their accumulated totals, or click on the medical aid deduction to immediately view the latest benefit statement,” says Van Heerden.
Alan Burger, CEO and founder of InfoSlips, says that it is like having a payslip on steroids.
He comments that the acquisition provides Softline VIP with a significant value-add. “Not only will customers save costs by removing the need to procure, print or distribute documents, it will dramatically reduce the number of queries, whilst improving communication and saving labour.”
An InfoSlip combines information from multiple sources and packages it in a readable format. It is also a secure method of communicating with audited delivery and can notify the sender once it has been read. Van Heerden says that InfoSlips complies with the ECT and Access to Information Acts and copies are retained for the legal life of the document.
In terms of compliance regulations, Van Heerden says an InfoSlip is the ideal vehicle to extract data from various sources, package it so that it’s easy to read and send it securely to employees within the company. Management can ensure every person who should receive the information actually gets it and reads it.