Symantec has announced Norton Confidential Online Edition and Norton Confidential for Macintosh users.
Norton Confidential Online Edition is an online transaction security solution that allows financial institutionsto help their customers bank online with confidence. 

The solution is based in part on the technology in Symantec’s Norton Confidential product and is being delivered via new bank-to-consumer and retailer-to-consumer distribution channels.
Norton Confidential Online Edition helps banks and other organisations strengthen the security that links them to their customers and increases customer confidence in online transactions.
For the first time, financial institutions and e-commerce sites will be able to extend protection from phishing, pharming, and crimeware to their customers’ computers.
Norton Confidential Online Edition authenticates the bank’s Web site at every log-in so customers know they’re on a legitimate site; it also alerts customers if they’ve arrived at a phishing site.
Transaction security protects customers when they enter passwords, make purchases, or bank online.
Norton Confidential Online Edition will block keylogging, screencapture, and password-stealing programs, also known as crimeware, and protects users from phishing attacks.
Additionally, Norton Confidential is now also available for Macintosh users. Looking for known threats and suspicious behaviour, Norton Confidential for Macintosh inspects Web sites before users interact with them and automatically blocks private information from attack.
Unlike viruses and spyware, Macintosh users face the same phishing threats as consumers who use PCs.
Norton Confidential for Macintosh works in tandem with existing Symantec and other Internet security and antivirus solutions providing a new layer of security against new types of threats.
Prior to login, purchase, or other online interactions, Norton Confidential for Macintosh automatically inspects Web sites for known threats and suspicious behaviour and helps protect sensitive data from getting phished by identity thieves.
“Our vision for Security 2.0 is all about building confidence and trust online for consumers, and that’s crucial when it comes to financial transactions,” says Patrick Evans, regional director of Symantec Africa.
“As we move into the next generation of security solutions, we’ll see new business and delivery models where we’ll partner with busi-nesses who will then deliver security to the end consumer.”