The availability of resources, reliability of communications infrastructure, personal security, distance and cost of travel are all factors that influence skills development. 

The advent of the digital lifestyle and related technology has helped to establish e-learning as a credible means of tuition and an effective means of addressing these challenges.
And companies are beginning to take advantage of this.
Accsys, a local HR and payroll management software provider, has utilised a host environment called Moodle to provide a comprehensive e-learning platform that offers the first online National Diploma in Payroll Administration.
“This is the first qualification of its kind offered over the Web in Africa. We now host a virtual classroom scenario where learners can enjoy an all-round experience – an environment in which they can interact with other learners but without the pressure of having to physically move location to attend lectures and compete for the attention of lecturers,” explains Teryl Schroenn, MD at Accsys.
Practically, a student has the opportunity to log in, register and participate in lectures. Questions can be posed instantly and feedback generated in real-time. Conversations and response can be monitored with ease and no distraction, notes and study material is also made available to everyone on-line.
Work can be undertaken individually or in groups, and the course has been designed to utilise these advantages in a truly outcomes-based learning experience.
“The virtual environment is ideal for this payroll course and ideal for people interested in embarking on a career in payroll administration. The fact that it is online makes it widely accessible,” adds Schroenn.