AMD has announced that, in an order effective 27 December, the Federal District Court in Delaware overruled Intel’s objections and ordered it to produce documents and other evidence bearing upon the anti-trust suit alleging exclusionary conduct by Intel outside the US. 

"Intel's acquiescence to the Special Master's findings is a big win for AMD,” saya Thomas McCoy, AMD executive vice-president: legal affairs and chief administrative officer.
The order resulted from Intel’s decision to accept Special Master Vincent Poppiti’s findings of December 15th, which recommended to presiding Judge Joseph Farnan that "as the undisputed geographic market is global, and approximately 68% of the total worldwide production of computers powered by x86 microprocessors are sold to non-US customers, evidence of foreign exclusionary conduct is essential for AMD to demonstrate" that Intel has violated US antitrust laws.
Judge Farnan appointed Special Master Poppiti to preside over all discovery disputes in the case.